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Dried meat in sport and fitness

Dried meat in sport and fitness

We all know how difficult it is to find alternative foods that contain a good amount of protein. Have we said PROTEIN? Exactly... the proteins. So much sought after by those who practice sports at a certain level but also by those who simply undertake a diet low in calories. 

Every fitness enthusiast makes 5 to 7 meals a day, containing all or almost all imported doses of protein. And here the problem arises: breakfast, lunch and dinner are meals that do not require much research as the typical foods are eggs, chicken and legumes. 

For snacks, however, what is the best solution? Traditional foods are difficult to consume when you are not at home. A good alternative is dry meat snacks that contain up to 70% protein and are easy to carry in easily transportable packages. What are the other characteristics of dried meat? Let’s see them in the article.


Dried meat should not be kept in the fridge because drying is a natural process that favors the preservation of the food. Another aspect to note is that 30 grams of dried meat is equivalent to about a pound of fresh meat. This last aspect helps to make dried meat the perfect food for the sportsman. 

The presence of proteins and the lack of carbohydrates complete the characteristics suitable to make it so. From a protein point of view it should be noted that although these can be found in alternative foods such as beans and wheat, they are 78% and 85% less efficient. The dried meat of The Meat Crafter is made with the best cuts of beef and is slowly cooked and smoked and the calorie intake is really limited. During drying, fresh meat is not exposed to any heat treatment, so the dried product keeps all microelements, vitamins and other natural components intact, which is important to safeguard health. Dried meat also provides small amounts of manganese, molybdenum and pantothenic acid. Due to the presence of proteins and the small amount of carbohydrates, it has a healthier nutritional composition than many other snacks and is suitable for various diets.


In most cases, dried meat is a good option for mid-morning or afternoon snacks. It is low in fat, calories and rich in protein. It can help you get a faster recovery, develop muscles and have a feeling of fullness throughout the day. Dried meat is an excellent snack rich in protein and a good source of various minerals, including zinc and iron. The dried meat of The Meat Crafter uses the same ingredients of your kitchen, completely natural.